Bitterness and self-pity are bad friends. Being ticked that nobody wants what you think you have to offer and nobody listens when you think you have something to say. Elijah was pissed off and felt betrayed by his people.  He showed them the error of their ways, gave them the rain they’d been begging for, and now they were going to let Jezebel kill him. Some kind of gratitude.  Why weren’t they protecting him? Why weren’t they getting rid of Ahab and Jezebel? Didn’t they see that Jezebel was leading them down this path away from God?

Elijah was tired. And hungry. He needed to stop and take care of himself and find people to work with him and support him. Mentoring Elisha and having Hazael and Jehu by his side as protectors was what he needed.  God doesn’t expect us to work alone, thats why he wants us in church communities, thats why he gave Eve to Adam. Thats why we blog and facebook, when we can’t connect with people physically. Getting comments on my blog is like food for my soul! But so is reading my Bible and praying. God wants us in community with him too. He wants to walk alongside us and guide our footsteps. Since it isn’t really about what we have to offer and say, its about what God has for our listeners to hear.  Its His plans, not ours. And even if we feel we’re being ignored or defeated, we can still trust that its all in His plan and His time. And the world will not stop or fall apart if we stop to rest.