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We don’t know much about Simeon. This is the only time he’s mentioned in the Bible, and we know nothing about what he did for work or if he had a wife and children. But what we do know is the best thing. What do you think? Is it that he was righteous and devout? That’s important, but I don’t think it’s the best thing. I think it’s that he “eagerly expected the Messiah to come . . . “. He didn’t just know that the Messiah was going to come some day, he eagerly expected it. Maybe that’s because he was righteous and devout and therefore his focus was on things “not of this world”. And the Spirit led him to the temple, so he was in step with the Spirit, even before anyone really knew about the Spirit. How cool is that? I wonder what I have missed because my focus was more worldly. What has the Spirit been trying to show me or you?